The Bulletproof iPhone Case, For When Your Phone Absolutely Must Survive a Hail of Bullets Even If You Won't

By Sam Gibbs on at

Making an iPhone bulletproof is all very well, but what’s the point when you won’t be around to use it once you get shot at? Apparently the Japanese love their iPhones so much that they’ll cover them with 2.5cm thick steel armour plating, no matter how much it weighs.

The beastly 2.1kg Bulletproof iPhone 4 case from Marudai is the first “bulletproof” case that I’ve seen that might actually stop a bullet. It’s a snip too at just £400-odd. I think I’d rather slip my phone underneath a really good bulletproof jacket instead, then you and your phone might both survive, but maybe that’s just me. [Marudai via Apple Channel via Dvice]