The Police and MI6 Come Down Like a Tonne of Bricks as Two British Teens Arrested Over Terror Line Hacking

By Sam Gibbs on at

Well that didn’t take long. Mess with the police and MI6 and you’ll get your arse handed to you. Two teenagers from the West Midlands have already been arrested for the embarrassing Teampoison anti-terror hotline hacking from yesterday.

The Met blamed the recorded calls not on hacking, but recordings taken from the caller’s end of the line. The director of information at Scotland Yard, Ailsa Beaton, said:

"The public can remain confident in the ability to communicate in confidence and that the integrity of the Anti-Terrorist Hotline remains in place."

I would say this was one botched “hack” job then, claiming to be more than it is. Whether you believe Teampoison really did hack into the rozzers, considering the speed with which the duo were found and arrested, they can’t have been using particularly sophisticated tactics at the very least. Notch one up for the UK cybercops. [BBC]

Image credit: Arrested from Shutterstock