The UK's Friendly Neighbourhood Pirate Party Trains Its Guns on Scotland and Manchester

By Sam Gibbs on at

Following Sweden and Germany’s lead, we have our own branch of the Pirate Party attempting to swashbuckle its way into power here in the UK; now it’s drawing a broadside on May’s local elections in both Scotland and Manchester. The Pirate Party UK aims to fight anti-piracy laws (and ACTA); reduce copyright to just 10 years, and allow non-commercial file sharing -- hollywood, the BPI and their lawyers are really going love them.

The difference between the UK and the likes of Germany and our Swedish neighbours is that we don’t have proportional representation, so it would take quite a lot for the Pirate party UK to gain any seats in Parliament – not impossible if a massive ground swelling of the disenfranchised youth takes place, but pretty improbable.

According to Loz Kaye, the Pirates won't stop at just copyright though – they have plans for the whole of the UK economy, health service and the future.

"We're thinking about how to create jobs and an economy that is fit for the 21st century, and the growth area is in technology. How do you give the next generation skills and imagination, rather than just forming them into passive consumers?"

The last time the Pirate party made an attempt to infiltrate the UK it took just 1,340 votes in the 2010 general election. The party considers the local elections, including those in Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh, the next step. Would you vote for some pirates to run your local council? Realistically, how much worse could they be than your current lot? Actually, don’t answer that – there’s only so much “arrr”, grog and eye patches a man can take. [The Guardian]

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