These New Prometheus Shots Show Just How Creepy-Looking the Alien Planet Really Is

By Sam Gibbs on at

At this rate we’ll end up with every individual frame from the movie to gawp at before the film’s actually released, but Prometheus keeps on showing off stuff from the movie, and I’m not complaining. These four latest ones show just how scary it would be to actually be there on that alien planet, and that’s before all the crap hits the fan.

Depictions of the classic impregnated humanoid stuck to the ceiling are enough to give me the creeps all over again. And judging by what we saw of the preview and this latest image, the scenes shot outside of the Prometheus are going to be awe inspiring.

Enough with the teasers already, just give us the damn film. We know you’ve already got at least 20 minutes of it finished, just release the whole lot to the cinemas tomorrow and be done with it, okay? Prometheus better be bloody amazing after all this hype. [HeyUGuys via TotalFilm]