These Two New Avengers Clips Show It Might Not Just Be All Spandex and CGI

By Sam Gibbs on at

The idea behind the Avengers is totally awesome – all the best Marvel superheroes in one film, what could be better? Trouble is it could end up being a proper spandex-laden damp squib, especially with all those leading actors jostling for the limelight in it. Thankfully these latest clips show there’s at least some good dialogue in it.

Joss Whedon’s leading the ensemble cast, so hopefully he has the directorial cojones to control the surging egos that must be abound with all those A-listers on-staff. At any rate, we’ll find out on the 26th; not long to wait now. Check out the previous trailer if you haven’t already. If you want bang for your buck, chances are you’ll get it with the Avengers. [YouTube 1, 2 via TotalFilm 1, 2]