This Artist Thinks Small Aluminium Cubes Are the Future Of Music Distribution

By Andrew Liszewski on at

We can't knock him for trying new things, but we're skeptical that musician Nicolas Jaar's innovative new approach to music distribution—a small minimalist aluminium cube—has what it takes to go after iTunes or Amazon.

The Prism, as it's called, comes pre-loaded with twelve tracks from the artist's new album, Don't Break My Love. But in addition to a small label on the side, the only defining features on the small cube are four buttons that double as playback and volume controls, and a pair of headphone jacks. Because Jaar feels that listening to music is as much a collaborative experience as is creating it. And if you agree with what could one day be the replacement for vinyl, CDs, and even digital files, you can order a copy of The Prism for just £25.

This Artist Thinks Small Aluminum Cubes Are the Future Of Music Distribution

[The Prism via Creative Review]