This Camping Spork Will Come To the Rescue In Chopstick-Only Restaurants

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The only thing more embarrassing than not knowing how to use a set of chopsticks is your secret being found out in a restaurant that doesn't provide an alternative. Which is where this emergency Kung Foon spork will be worth its weight in titanium.

It's primarily designed for camping, serving as your typical fork/spoon combo for dining out of a pouch. But its specially-engineered handle includes slots allowing you to insert a set of chopsticks, turning it into an elongated utensil for dining emergencies in a hoity-toity establishment. It's definitely worth the £10 for the stainless steel version, but we'd opt for the lighter and stronger £15  titanium model instead. Because that's just how we dine. [GSI Outdoors via The Gadgeteer]