This Company Builds Some Of the Greatest Playgrounds On Earth

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Besides providing a safe place for kids to tire themselves out so they sleep through the night, playgrounds are one of the best places for young ones to foster their imaginations. And Denmark-based Monstrum builds playgrounds that are veritable wonderlands for make-believe.

The company's creations unfortunately seemed limited to being only installed in and around Europe. But the gigantic 50-foot Blue Whale climbing structure it built in Gothenburg, Sweden, looks like it would totally justify the cost of a plane ticket, just for a climb. If only our scraggly beards and unkempt dispositions didn't make us look particularly suspicious hanging around a park full of kids. Oh, to be young again—or rich enough to buy a private one of these for our own backyards. [Monstrum via PSFK]