This Foolish Vietnam Cop Almost Dies Riding On a Criminal's Windshield

By Mario Aguilar on at

Watch this Vietnamese traffic cop go for a wild, half-mile ride on the front of this speeding vehicle in Hanoi. Holy hell, it's terrifying to watch him hang on for dear life by only the bus's windshield wiper. High-speed chase: You're doing it wrong.

According to the Associated Press, 2nd Lt. Nguyen Manh Phan stopped this 39-seat bus and demanded to see the driver's paperwork, when the driver sped off—but not before the officer hitched a ride on the front of the vehicle. The driver was eventually stopped and arrested, and no one was hurt. He now faces a three-year prison sentence. Heroism! Right? Seriously people, hanging on to a vehicle traveling at high velocity would be a very unfortunate way to die. It's honestly hard to say who is sillier in this case: The cop or the criminal. [Associated Press via Washington Post]