This Incredible-Looking Crysis 3 Trailer Shows Crytek's Back to Its Computer-Melting Ways

By Sam Gibbs on at

There aren’t many more demanding games to test the brute force of a new system than Crysis. Even when the first in the series was released, it melted PCs left, right and centre. Judging by just how good the new Crysis 3 trailer looks, it seems Crytek is back to its old computer-destroying game.

The story (wait Crysis had a story?) basically pits you and your awesome nano suit against the world – this time you’re locked in a Simpson’s movie-style dome that’s been placed over a ruined New York. You’re there to obliterate the aliens that have laid waste to the Big Apple, but unfortunately some pikey military contractor wants you dead and your fancy suit in their nefarious clutches. So it’s basically you against anything that moves, which should make things nice and simple.

The beauty about this instalment is it’s going to look this good on consoles. Apparently Crytek has pushed consoles way beyond what others have managed. Talking to CVG, Crytek’s director of creative development, Rasmus Højengaard, said:

"Obviously we're limited by things such as memory, but we have brilliant R&D guys and they're able to do things that no-one has done on consoles before.”

It’ll still play and look better on an absolutely beastly PC, of course – there’s no way the 6-year-old consoles will be able to keep up with super-slick frame-rates having to push this much graphical juice; maybe it’s time to slot something like the Alienware X51 under your TV. [CVG, Crysis]