This Is How a Shark Looks Without Its Skin

By Jesus Diaz on at

This is gross, yet I can't take my eyes away from it. It's a shark without the skin, part of Gunther von Hagens' new exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. Von Hagens' team carefully removed his skin to show the blood system underneath.

The rest of the animals — more than 100 specimens — are equally striking, from elephants to gorillas to horses to ostriches to bulls to dogs. Fascinating stuff. If you are in London, this is a must see.

Gunther von Hagens is the mastermind behind the famous Body Works exhibition, which has been going around the world for years now. In the case of the shark, von Hagens injected a red liquid resin into the shark main arterial network after removing the skin. He did the same with a horse and a dog, resulting in the striking images below. [Natural History Museum and Body Worlds of Animals]