This Is NASA's Moonbase Prototype

By Sam Gibbs on at

What you’re looking at there is NASA’s brand new, cutting-edge, Moffett Field facility in California – it’s NASA’s way of testing-out the tech it needs to build a moonbase, but on planet Earth.

The Sustainability Centre basically aims to be self-sufficient. It recycles 90 per cent of its water using a similar system to the International Space Station; gets its power from solar panels and fuel cells; heats and cools itself using geothermal wells, as well as automated opening and closing of windows. It's also smart enough to adapt to your usage patterns while you go about your day, which sounds a tad creepy to me, but it's the future. Apart from the whole opening and closing windows thing, this is what a moonbase would have to be – self-sufficient.

Considering we’ve had all this talk about mining asteroids in the past few days, we better get on and start building a moonbase quick-smart; I can’t see us launching mining operations from Earth any time soon so the Moon will have to do. It’s good to know that NASA’s on the case, even if it is just building stuff on the ground rather than in space. [Mountain View Voice via iO9]

Image credit: NASA/Eric James

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