This Is What Samsung's Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Update Will Look Like

By Sam Gibbs on at

Samsung’s sold a hatful of its phablet the Galaxy Note, and like other models in its Galaxy range it too is getting a dose of Ice Cream Sandwich for 2012. Given its taken Samsung forever to get ICS onto the Galaxy S II, I wouldn’t hold your breath for an immediate, smooth release, but at least Samsung’s showing you what you can look forward to. I’m not sure if it makes the wait any better though.

Apparently Samsung’s planning a release of its Android 4.0 update within the second quarter of this year, which could mean any minute now, or in the next three months. Then again, Samsung could release the update to networks first, then wait until they’ve all tested them for months, finally rolling them out. Then and only then, Samsung might decide to roll out the ICS upgrade for off-network folks – it might even be before the end of the year, who knows? [YouTube via Eurodroid]