This Picture Was Taken with Google Glasses

By Sam Biddle on at

Google Glass researcher Sebastian Thrun recently chatted with Charlie Rose—and showed off his prototype awesome and possibly dumb-looking face computer. We haven't learned anything groundbreaking, but boy, the picture he took of Charlie sure looks bad.

Maybe it's the fact that Rose's set is a scientifically inexplicable void of light, but this looks like a picture snapped by a camera phone circa 2003, no? Rose looks like a wax sculpture. It is sort of neat to know that this was taken from Thrun's exact point of view, if you were ever wondering what it's like to directly lock eyes with Charlie Rose (and who hasn't). It's also probably safe to assume the Google Glasses cam will be bumped up in quality if and when it ever waltzes into existence—if not, this will sure have been one misleading ad! [Thrun via Verge]