This Time Next Year, Rodders, We'll be Broadcast in 3D

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC is planning to screen a 3D sitcom in 2013, which will be the corporation's first scripted piece of original content to be made and broadcast entirely for the 3D-viewing audience.

According to Broadcast, the BBC's Head of 3D development is currently in the process of commissioning something funny from the network's comedy teams, which the Beeb plans to show in 3D "wherever possible" -- although only a small budget is being allocated to the project.

The comedy is part of a wider 3D effort from the BBC, which is commissioning shows across a range of genres to see which ones work best and appeal most to 3D audiences.

A sitcom in which Miranda Hart ironically waves a banana at the camera doesn't sound like the best road to go down. [Broadcast via T3]