Three Drunk Canadians Get Naked and Ride a Shopping Cart Though a Car Wash

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Whaddya mean it's against the law to get drunk and joyride a shopping cart naked through a car wash, eh?

According to police reports, the trio of twenty-year-olds in Abbotsford, Vancouver had reportedly stripped down to their skivvies and set the washer to "Super Typhoon" before hopping into the cart and taking a bath sometime after midnight Thursday. Police were summoned when neighbors heard screaming from car wash, presumably because the Super Typhoon setting comes with a free under-chassis sealant and hot wax spray.

"We arrived to find intoxicated men putting their clothes back on, and realising that the best decisions aren't made while drunk and at a car wash without a car in the middle of the night," police Constable Ian MacDonald told the Vancouver Sun. Police warned the joyriders and sent them home without their cart. [Vancouver Sun via Neatorama - Image: David Touchtone / Shutterstock]