Trouble For Nokia as a Lumia 900 Software Glitch Cuts Off Data

By Sam Gibbs on at

Nokia’s big flagship launch hasn’t gone all that well over in the states. It got the party right, even the price, but apparently it didn’t get the software right. Nokia’s confessed its newest kid on the block has an infuriating problem with its data connection, but all it needs is a software fix.

Thankfully this means that by the time we get the new Windows Phone 7.5-packing Nokia, it’ll hopefully be all patched up. It’s something to do with a memory management issue, but Nokia’s offering up refunds, exchanges and credits to appease users in the states.

The Lumia 900 certainly looks like best option for a Windows Phone right now; let’s just hope it’s not mired by software bugs when it finally gets here before the end of the month. [Nokia]