Turn Supergrass With Scotland Yard's Facewatch ID Yob Spotting App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scotland Yard's been publicly shaming London's criminal base on Flickr and the internet for some time, but now it's turned the art of grassing up a thug into a fun interactive experience for iOS users.

The Yard claims some 2,000 wanted criminals have their faces featured in the new Facewatch ID app, which includes a post code search option for narrowing down the pursuit to certain areas. Clicking on the angry face of a criminal lets you input their name and address details and submit the data to the cops, although it's not an anonymous service -- otherwise it'd be overwhelmed by jokers grassing up their mates.

If you haven't already had your iOS device stolen off you, the Facewatch ID app is available on iTunes. It currently only features those wanted for "minor" crimes, but it's hoped it'll soon be broadened to include all of London's wide and varied range of celebrity criminals. [iTunes via This is London]