Turn Yourself Into a Batman Action Figure

By Kyle Wagner on at

Most of our childhoods were spent alternatingly dressing up like superheroes and playing with action figures in their likeness. Now you can combine the two by actually getting your own head on the body of your favorite superhero, like Batman or Superman, on one of these custom action figures.

All you've got to do is send Personalised Superhero Action Figures two photos of yourself—one portrait and one profile—and the company will use them to make your noggin into an action figure. The head is shipped to you along with an actual action figure of your superhero of choice and tools to attach it, either permanently, or temporarily if you want to switch it out onto other bodies.

Now You Can Turn Yourself Into a Batman Action Figure

The assembly instructions aren't super high tech (soak the figure in water, yank off head, pack the new one on with putty), which leaves us a liiittle skeptical that the custom head will be the most accurately detailed piece of work in the world. It costs a good chunk of change, too, £80, but oh goodness do we want to believe in this particular bit of magic. [Firebox via GizMag]