UK Police Embarrassed By Hacked Calls Again

By Sam Gibbs on at

Last time it was an intercepted call between our good old plods and the American’s feds, but this time calls inside the Metropolitan Police have been recorded and leaked by Teampoison. If that wasn’t bad enough the MI6’s anti-terror phone line also got “phone bombed” taking it out of action too.

It’s a pretty serious embarrassment for the security services if hackers can simply tap into their calls and record them. If someone from Teampoison was able to do it with relative ease, why couldn’t terrorists?

Scotland Yard is, of course, looking into it and released a statement:

“We are aware of an issue whereby telephone conversations relating to the anti-terror hotline were recorded. Officers are currently looking into the matter and appropriate action will be taken.”

Considering it’s the second time in only a matter of months between this hacked call and the last, you’d think the security services might want to patch up their holes and lock their crap down. DDoS attacks on the Home Office site is one thing, but hacking in and recording calls, now that’s a whole different level of egg-on-face. [The Telegraph]

Image credit: Police from Shutterstock