Vaio E Series Jumps Shark With Kinect-Style Webcam Motion Control Options

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's latest Vaio range tweak adds a motion-sensing control system to the cute Vaio E model, with the new 14P machine's webcam software letting you swipe the air to scroll between web pages or twiddle a virtual knob to adjust the volume.

According to Sony, it works like this: "Just hold your hand up in front of the web camera and swipe left or right to flick though web pages or your photo gallery. Pull your hand down to pause music playback or a slideshow, or adjust music volume up or down with ‘rotate’ movements."

It's quite possibly the most pointless tech innovation of 2012. Given that your laptop is RIGHT THERE on your lap and your fingers are also RIGHT THERE to press its buttons a million times more accurately than a webcam gesture can ever sense, the idea of using any form of motion control seems utterly pointless.

Still, maybe there will be some shit games to play on it. [Sony]