VFX: Add Movie-Style Special Effects to Your iPhone Pics

By Leslie Horn on at

"And here I am on an African safari, defending my camp from a pack of lions with my trident in the middle of a lightning storm." None of that really happened, but you can make believe it did with VFX, an app that lets you add tonnes of special effects to your photos.


What does it do?

Chose from more than 200 options to place animals, blood, bullet impacts, fire, lightning, makeup, and more to both new and existing pictures.


Why do we like it?

VFX is tons of tun. While there are a range of apps that let you alter photos in just one way, like making a person look old or fat, this rolls a bunch of those effects into just one spot. Stage a lightsaber fight! Journey back in time and walk among the dinosaurs! You can place new objects into an image, as well as tinker with the brightness, contrast, balance, and other aspects to render a realistic snapshot.

VFX is a free download for iPhone now