Want a New Ereader? The Kindle Touch is Now Available In the UK a Whole Seven Days "Early"

By Sam Gibbs on at

OK, it’s not the Kindle Fire we were all hoping for, but the UK now has another Kindle to choose from, if you like touching things I guess. Better late than never, the Kindle Touch throws out buttons for a touchscreen; packs a two-month battery life, and will set you back £109.

Unfortunately, rip-off Britain is still in operation as it’s a bit pricy compared to how much you’d pay for one on the other side of the pond, but it’s apparently a very good ereader so maybe it's worth a punt. There's a 3G version too, which will cost you even more at a wallet-breaking £169 -- you could buy a full blown tablet for that. Considering we’ve been waiting ages for it, even after the “international release”, it better be bloody magic to justify over a ton of your hard earned cash.