Want A Phone That Might Stay Charged For More Than Half a Day?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Motorola has announced plans to bring the RAZR Maxx to Europe, which might finally give us the option of a smartphone that doesn't need to be strategically placed into a coma every now and again to last more than a morning on a charge.

The RAZR Maxx is basically the exact same phone as last year's excellent Motorola RAZR, only with a slightly fatter case that lets the maker stick in a bigger battery, which ups the capacity to an enormous 3300 mAh. That's around twice the amount of power as found in some of today's rival Android models.

You still get the same 4.3" display and Motorola's customised version of Android 2.3 as the OS, although the original RAZR's listed as getting an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich in Q2 of 2012 so that could/should also arrive for the RAZR Maxx soon after the phone's May 2012 European launch. [Motorola]