Want to Control Your Dreams? There's an App For That

By Sam Gibbs on at

London-based Yuza Mobile is no stranger to crazy-sounding apps but its latest, Dream:ON for the iPhone, certainly takes the biscuit. It promises to let you guide your dreams using the power of suggestive soundscapes.

The idea is the app monitors your sleeping state by detecting your movement. Once you’ve gotten into REM sleep and you start to dream you apparently stop moving, which the app detects. It then plays some sounds associated with some sort of scene like a walk through the woods, which tickles your subconscious into conjuring up a dream – or at least that’s the idea anyway.

The app is actually a mass experiment by a psychologist, Professor Richard Wiseman. He’s launching the app as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival in an attempt to get the masses involved in a large-scale dreaming study. The deal is that after Dream:ON’s played a soundscape for about 20 minutes, and detected you’ve lapsed out of REM sleep, it plays an alarm to wake you up. It then gets you to record your dreaming experience to input the data into the “Dream Catcher” database.

The plan is to analyse whether gender makes any difference; how effective the soundscapes are, and many other dream-related factors. You can even tag people who appear in your dreams and share them via Twitter or Facebook, which sounds just a tad creepy to me. While I remain unconvinced that it’ll make much difference to your dreams until I’ve tried it myself, and I can’t say I’d be too impressed with being woken up in the middle of the night, the app is free so it might be worth a try.

You never know, this app may represent the best source for dreaming data available and you could be part of revealing all about our dreams. Who hasn’t wanted to control their dreams? Now, how about a superman-style flying dreamscape? They’ve always been my favourite dreams by miles. [Dream:ON via Mobile Entertainment]