We Should Pay "Up To" the Cost For an "Up To" Internet Service

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's a genius idea. Since we're getting an "up to" service for our internet connections, how about the ISPs start letting us pay "up to" the amount they actually want for them?

The idea comes from rural communications consultancy Wispa, which has very kindly put together an automated form and petition which will ping off an email to Ofcom, suggesting it implements rules that ensure we only pay the ISPs in accordance with the speed we actually receive.

Wispa says: "If your supermarket charged you full price for ‘upto’ a Kg of sugar, or the service station charged you full price for ‘upto’ a gallon of petrol they would be prosecuted ... It is only because Ofcom have failed to act that this nonsense continues with broadband." [Wispa via Think Broadband]

Image credit: Fibre from Shutterstock