We're Going to Need a Bigger Cloud: Dropbox Adds Auto-Uploads to Mac and PC Tools

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as making the lives of smartphone users easier by letting us upload all our photos to its server automatically, Dropbox is now rolling out the same feature to its desktop software, so PC and Mac photographers can sync every single photo they take.

As with the existing Android app, the updated Dropbox client will upload all photos it finds on connected SD cards and other storage media to the Camera Uploads folder within your Dropbox account, as their original size.

So it might crunch your internet up for a while when you're syncing 128 super photos of clouds and dogs in the background as you browse, but at least you'll know you've got a backup of all your shots somewhere in this magical modern cloud, should your hard drive melt.

Plus you get a bonus 500MB of Dropbox space for enabling auto-upload and sticking up your first shot, so it's worth a try for that alone. [Dropbox via Venturebeat]