What Happens When You Take Some Spares, Motors, Wheels and a Bunch of Super-Competitive Dyson Engineers?

By Sam Gibbs on at

...The Dyson Car Challenge, of course. With a bit of time on their hands and a load of spare parts, the Dyson folk decided to hold a drag race. Fastest homemade car using just Dyson’s handheld motors to cross the line wins!

I wish I had that much time on my hands to make that kind of thing out of scratch. I guess I'd need the bits and expertise too though, which might be a small problem. Anyway, I think I’d take the route of one you could actually drive, like one of the more daring competitors. Taking the obvious talent on show here and running with it, how about a Dyson electric car folks? If you can make a hoover do that with just spare parts, think about the possibilities. You might actually make one that people would buy. [YouTube]