What the Hell Is Kim Dotcom Singing On His -- No Joke -- Debut Album?

By Jesus Diaz on at

Good news, people! Kim Dotcom—Megaupload founder and large guy who loves to live large—is recording a music album! According to his lawyer, Paul Davison, it's part of a "musical project" that may produce some money for him.

Davison says Dotcom wrote the lyrics for some of the songs and he is a special guest singer in the album. He pointed out that the album is being recorded with some well-known "international artists." Sounds like We Ate the World 2012 Edition*, people.

New Zealand judge David Harvey also gave Dotcom permission to use internet, plus a nearby swimming pool for an hour and a half. Dotcom would also be able to have meetings with three Megaupload executives— Bram van der Kolk, Finn Batato and Mathias Ortman—once a week for a maximum of six hours.

So what's the album about? Any idea about the songs? Hit us up if you know. [Twitter and El Mundo]