What's Samsung Actually Counting Down to? (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like Samsung’s trying to "do a Prometheus" and build hype over “The Next Galaxy” with teasers, puzzles and a countdown clock. Considering we’ve probably already seen the Galaxy S III, what’s left to build? An iCloud competitor?

It all kicked off with a tweet containing an anagram of “The Next Galaxy”, which gave intrepid puzzle solvers the excitement of a countdown clock. But what’s it actually counting down to?

Taking the anagram and plugging “The Next Galaxy” into your browser leads you to a locked site, which I’m assuming will become unlocked at the end of the countdown. Maybe we’ll get another glimpse at what Samsung’s got up its sleeve? I guess we’ll find out in just over 2 hours.

It’ll be a real let down if all this is for a new Galaxy Tab. Samsung better actually reveal the Galaxy S III we’ve been waiting so long for on May 3rd, and it better be bloody magic after all this. [tgeltaayehxnx via Samsung Mobile via Android Community]

Update: It was just for another teaser trailer, but boy, Samsung isn't half being bullish.