Where to Buy the HTC One X and One S Today

By Kat Hannaford on at

HTC's larger phone, the One X, already fared well in our review earlier this week, and while we're still beavering over our review of the One S, we can let you in on an early secret: it's looking good. But where to buy these hot new trinkets, now they're on sale in the UK today? Follow me:

If you're after either of the phones on contract, Orange, O2, Vodafone and Three are stocking them from today, with O2 offering the One X for free, from £36 a month, or the One S for free, from £27 a month. Otherwise, Vodafone's got the One X for free from £41 a month and the One S for free from £36. Three meanwhile has the One X from £35 per month, and the One S from £32 a month, with Vodafone offering up the One X from £41 per month, and the One S for £36.

Looking for either phone SIM-free? Amazon's got the One X for £490, and the One S for £415, whereas Clove has just been pipped to the post with the One S at £420, and the One X for £492.

Seen any other good deals for both phones? Let us know in the comments below, lest anyone pays hand over fist for their next HTC fix.

Update: Commenter rw0004 reports that BT has the HTC One X for £30/month, free upfront. Meanwhile, Glenbot3000 says Dial-a-Phone has a great offer on the One X, too.