Who Cares About Slingshots When This Crossbow Fires Spinning Saw Blades?

By Andrew Liszewski on at

We've got nothing but undying love for slingshot master Joerg Sprave. But if we had to select a weapon of choice, it would probably be Patrick Priebe's saw blade-launching laser-sighted Blade Driver crossbow.

And it doesn't matter that the blades it fires are only 2-inches in diametre. Anything larger and you wouldn't be able to carelessly sling this thing over your shoulder between bouts of slicing through targets at the range. Also, we can't help but feel the fact that both Priebe and Sprave are German isn't a coincidence. Is it possible we're falling behind in the whole prepare-for-the-Mayan-predicted-end-of-the-world thing? [Laser Gadgets via Gizmag]