Who Will Win a Battle Between the Largest Prehistoric Snake and a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

By Jesus Diaz on at

The Titanoboa was a one-ton, 15m-long snake who lived 58-million years. Scientists thought it couldn't exist. Yet, they discovered its fossil in Cerrajón, Colombia. She, a constrictor that could kill anything with a pressure of 400PSI. That's the equivalent of being under three Eiffel Towers.

The people at the Smithsonian Magazine asked themselves who would win the battle between this enormous prehistoric snake — the largest ever discovered — and the most famous megacarnivore of the Cretaceous Period, the 6.8-ton Tyrannosaurus Rex. They lived in different places and different times, but that didn't stop them to imagine such an epic battle.

I hope that one day they actually grow these beasts in the lab and that we could see the battle on TV for real. Before they take over the world, killing us all. [Smithsonian Magazine]