Wine Bottle-Sized Star Wars Arcade Is a Better Way To Drown Your Sorrows

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you find yourself with 80 extra hours in your week, and a penchant for classic Star Wars games, you might want to follow in hacker Le Chuck's footsteps. He built this impressive 1:6 scale 12-inch replica of Atari's original Star Wars game.

The cabinet is actually powered by a cannibalised GPH Caanoo handheld gaming system, since it's capable of running MAME4All and more importantly, is cheap. And while we've seen plenty of tiny arcade machines with matching minuscule joysticks, Le Chuck's creation one-ups them all with a tiny working flight yoke just like the original.

If you're so enamored by this marvel of modern miniaturisation you should head over to the very specific 'Build Your Own Arcade Controls Forum' where LeChuck has posted plenty of how-to photos of his build. And since he's already worked out all the kinks, it should take you far less than 80 hours. [Build Your Own Arcade Controls Forum via Engadget]