World's Creepiest Girl-Stalking App Gets Pulled From the App Store

By Sam Gibbs on at

What must be the creepiest app ever conceived and let into Apple’s sacred walled garden, “Girls Around Me”, has been pulled from sale after Foursquare got wind it was using and abusing its service. The app allowed you to scan for women in your vicinity using Foursquare and Facebook to trawl for the “millions of chicks checking in daily” – “the perfect complement to any pick-up strategy”. No, this isn’t another April Fools.

I’m amazed it got through Apple’s approval process in the first place. The app, which was free but charged via in-app purchases for search "energy", was featured by the New York Times, which put it on the radar of Foursquare who promptly pull its API access.

That kind of crippled the app, which also required your Facebook login (would you trust a sharking app with your Facebook details?) to search for Facebook check-ins too. The developer then, sensibly, pulled the app, but not before it racked up 70,000 stalker downloads. Common sense prevailed in the end it seems. [Wall Street Journal, New York Times via Gizmodo Australia]