Woz: Nokia's Lumia 900 Apps Are "More Beautiful" Than Apple and Android's Best

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some shock words have come out of the brain of Steve Wozniak, the former Apple man and renowned technology enthusiast. He's loving his Lumia 900, giving Nokia one of the best, free, pieces of publicity it's had in years.

Wozniak claims his Lumia 900 and its Windows 7.5 Mango OS is his current favourite from his cast collection of mobile devices, thanks mainly to the fact he finds Nokia and Microsoft's apps prettier than those that run on anything else. Even compared with the two iPhone 4S models he had on him when A New Domain caught up for a chat.

Woz said: "I think that what Microsoft or Nokia did is that they went to some of the key app makers and got them to deliberately make specialized beautiful ones or they put their own themes on," before coming out with the rather insensitive joke that MS might have "reincarnated" Steve Jobs thanks to the Lumia's silky smooth apps. [A New Domain via Techradar]