Yes, the Raspberry Pi Can Run Quake III Arena Impressively Well

By Sam Gibbs on at

I have to say, while I was excited about the prospect of a tiny computer for around £20 when it was just in the pipeline, now we’re seeing what it can really do, I desperately want one for myself. The Raspberry Pi can play Quake 3, and I don’t mean just run it, I mean actually play it; faster than my full-blown PC did back when it was first released in fact.

I know there are Quake 3 ports out there that run great on Android phones, and id’s classic death match first-person shooter is over 12 years old, but to see the Pi handle it in its stride is still impressive. Time to start tooling-up for a bit of Quake 3 again; those finely honed railgun skills must have dulled a bit over the years. [YouTube via Raspberry Pi]

Thanks Darrell!