You'll Be Able to Get Your Grubby Mitts on the Nokia Lumia 900 From April 27th In the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a slightly bigger and faster version of the Lumia 800 to sate your massive hands, or maybe Nokia’s sparked your desire with its Easter launch party. At any rate you can now sink your pre-order cash for an April 27th delivery to your door and get it before the month is out.

That’s ahead of the previously confirmed UK landing of May, and as with the Lumia 800, Phones 4u has the exclusive on the white version. You’ll also grab yourself a free Nokia Play 360 speaker if you pre-order now, which is apparently worth some £120. So, if you’re seriously considering the new Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 flagship, then that might sway you; it’s not a bad phone after all. [Phones 4u via TrustedReviews]