Your TomTom Buggered and Driving You Insane? It's Because of the Leap Year

By Sam Gibbs on at

With all that Y2K rubbish we went through at the turn of the millennium you’d think that electronics manufacturers would be wise to date-related issues. Unfortunately, it seems TomTom wasn’t because some of its satnavs have been crippled by a “leap year bug”, driving users crazy and stranding them in the middle of bloody nowhere.

Apparently the leap year released a bug in the GPS receiver causing it to fail to grab a location fix, which pretty much turned the borked TomToms into paperweights after March 31st.

TomTom’s scrambling to work up a software fix for the issue right now, but until then, try not to hurl it out of the window in a fit of satnav-induced rage. Either that or buy yourself a fancy new Android phone and get satnav rolled in for nothing. [TomTom via The Register]

Image credit: Road rage from Shutterstock