10 Watches That Tell The Time Stylishly, and Won't Cost an Arm (Or a Leg)

By Jon Partridge on at

Wondering what time it is? Don't have a watch because the current economy sucks? Well don't let that get you down -- take a peek at these watches that look good; don't cost the world, and will make you feel awesome every single time you look at them.


1.) Casio Analogue Resin Watch

Cheap and cheerful, this smart little rubber watch looks like it can resist any situation you throw its way. (£6)


2.) MUJI -- 2 Tone

This two-tone khaki watch is for the world warriors among us, and also comes in some other rather smart colours for the street warriors, too. Save this one for the weekend for when you need to know when it's pub time. (£25)


3.) Komono's Wizard / Fat Wizard / Wizard Heritage Watches

The Wizard series of watches from Komono are all very snazzy, and represent a good bang for buck. Also available in more colours than you can shake a stick at, as well as featuring a wide range of straps; the sky really is the limit to which one you fancy. (£34 -- £45)


4.) Nixon's The Mellor Watch

Quite similar to Komono's Wizard range, Nixon's offerings are a lot more chic. Ranging from a bunch of different colours and designs, the Mellor is simple, suave and extremely slick. Choose one that suits you. (£100 -- £130)


5.) Casio Digital Black Stainless Steel Watch

No list can be complete without a mention of a nineties digital classic. This blue tinted update to the original digital watch is framed in black stainless steel and simply looks great. (£45)


6.) VOID's V02 Steel Bracelet

File this one under unconventionally hot, as the raw steel and half-revealed face show, this is quite the conversation piece. Complete with a stainless steel linked strap and an equally attractive variation in black, this would look good on anyone's wrist. (£160)


7.) Nixon's The Time Teller

The clue is in the name, as this is a straight forward, no-frills watch with a nylon strap to suit a variety of different outfits. (£65)


8.) Timex Originals 1950s

Just look at it -- it's just classic and understated. Imitated and replicated time and time again, Timex show us again that they're still the best at it. Drawing inspiration from the company's rich history, the company has recreated this classic design with a modern touch and contemporary materials. (£69.99)


9.) Emporio Armani Leather Watch

Armani brings sophistication with a price tag that won't break the bank. All black and suited to any occasion, this watch will make you look and feel like a winner. (£150)


10.) Uniform Wares' 200 Series Watch

Sure, it's a bit pricier than the others, but...just wow. With a drop-dead gorgeous tan leather strap and a beautiful gunmetal grey face, all I can say is that I want this watch. Please? (£240)