Tell Us, Are You Bored of the £120m Mobile Sensation Draw Something Already?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Draw Something, the simple sketch guessing game that mobile publisher Zynga bought for £130m, has been hemorrhaging users, dropping from around 14m active users a day to 10m, only a few weeks after the astonishing multi-million valuation.

The research, compiled and published by App Data, shows that the dream could well already be over, with some shocking graphs illustrating just how quickly users appear to be growing tired of the casual title. That said, having 10m people regularly play your silly little online Pictionary clone every day is still quite an impressive feat, so it could still do the business for Zynga.

Perhaps a few more "free" words and colours and a less aggressive attitude toward monetisation might make users a bit less inclined to dump it after a couple of goes? [BBC]

Image credit: App Data