1p Cinema Tickets Are Your "Now I Can Afford the Popcorn" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Quick! There’s no time to waste! Let’s skip through this opening paragraph and get straight on with the second one, where we tell you how you can get two adult cinema tickets for 1p!

It’s a ‘simplytap 1p special’ and to qualify, you’ll need to download the simplytap app to your phone, register, enter a code and then sit back and wait for your cinema tickets to arrive. The tickets will be valid at a Cineworld cinema and we’ll all try to pretend that you won’t be bothered by your fellow cinemagoers with their noise and nonsense. Also, you’d better be quick as we don’t think this one will be around all day. Still, at least you’ll have the app for the next time a ‘simplytap 1p special’ rears its pretty head...

- Nation Red (zombie shooter) – reduced from £7.99 to £1.59.
- Logitech G27 wheel – only £160.50.
- Samsung 23.6” widescreen LED monitor (gloss black, 1920 x 1080, full HD, 5ms, HDMI/VGA) – just £119.99.
- Street Cleaning Simulator (PC) – only £1.47 online, £1.49 instore.
- Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3/Xbox360) – only £11.95.
- Ice Age: Complete Collection (triple pack Blu-ray) – yours for only £12.99.
- Isle of Wight RailWorks Expansion Pack For Railworks 3 - was £19.99, now £2.00.
- Print 75 6x4 photos for free – only £1.49 delivery to pay.
- Boardwalk Empire season one (Blu-ray) – yours for just £19.99 with code.

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