3D Scrabble Toy Is Not For Weak-Minded Wordsmiths

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It's not the first attempt to put a new spin on Scrabble by adding another dimension, but while playing this 3DX Word Game you're not tied down by some overbearing board telling you where you can and can't place your tiles.

In fact, if you're having trouble playing a word on the horizontal arrangement of tiles, you're allowed to build vertically since all of the 212 alphabetic pieces feature puzzle-like tabs and indents holding them together. So it's not like a vertically-played word is as unstable as a game of Jenga.

Furthermore, for those of you who don't like being told how to play, there's no set rules or scoring system in the £20 3DX. The instructions include a vague set of guidelines and suggestions on how to keep score, but you're welcome to award points as you see fit. Which means you might finally be able to play a million point word with something as simple as C-A-T.

3D Scrabble Toy Is Not For Weak-Minded Wordsmiths