A Multi-Camera Gig Recording Where You Can Pan Each Camera Around 360-Degrees Is Awesome

By Sam Gibbs on at

Gig recordings are normally a damp squib compared to actually being there. Mativision's new recording technology, which lets you pick your camera position and seamlessly pan it around as if you were there, is about as close to standing in the crowd (or on stage) as you're going to get.

Unfortunately we can't embed the recordings, but you can check out the technology for yourself, courtesy of a Professor Green gig recorded at the O2 Academy in Brixton on YouTube. You can pick from six different camera positions -- two in the audience and four on stage -- and then pan those cameras around in a 360-degree view. If you only want to watch the drums and cymbals you can; likewise you can stare into the crowd and creepily watch them as they rock out. You can even zoom in for a closer view and spot that person picking their nose, captured on camera for posterity. Nice. [YouTube]