A New IM-Attacking Trojan Takes You and Your Facebook For a Spammy Ride

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems Mark Zuckerberg isn't the only one trying to make a tidy sum out of Facebook right now. There's a social-spreading, IM-attacking worm on the loose and it'll take hold of your Facebook and IM accounts to ruin everyone's day.

The nefarious little bastard has the ability to spread over IM services like Live Messenger and Yahoo, as well as Facebook IM. If that's not bad enough it'll spread over social networking sites too, plus anything with a private message feature like Wordpress, MySpace and Twitter.

Once you've been infected the worm works quickly to shut down your PC's defences and downloads another Trojan onto your hapless computer. It then monitors your social networking logins and activity to carry out the seeding of yet more infections.

Thankfully it's currently only a Windows affliction, and it relies on you clicking on an obscured link sent to you by an infected friend, so with a bit of luck you'll not fall foul of it. Trend Micro reckons its damage potential is high so it might be worth warning your not so tech-savvy friends though. [Trend Micro via The Register]

Image credit: Virus from Shutterstock