A Window Cleaning Vacuum Thing Is Your Deposit-Deduction-Avoidance-Gadget Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Summer's coming and we want our windows to be nice and clean for when the Sun gleams in through them. You remember the Sun, right? But getting those windows cleaned by a professional can cost a lot of dough. Better off doing it yourself.

Fork out the relatively low sum of £37.09 and you'll soon be the proud owner of the Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum – with its 'fast and efficient' water-sucking methods, it'll sort your windows out good and proper, leaving them streak-free and possibly putting your regular window cleaner out of business, accelerating his inevitable suicide. Sad, but there you go. Also, don't use it for anything rude. Thanks.


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Join the official Rockstar Community and get a free copy of Midnight Club 2.
- Free HTC One X with 12-month Vodafone contract – only £36 a month.
- Company of Heroes (£1.39) and Company of Heroes Complete Pack (£5.39).
- Batman Arkham City (PC download) – only £7.98.
- 250GB Xbox 360 console – only £149.95 (or £159.95 with 12 months XBox Live).
- Schwarzenegger Triple (Total Recall / Red Heat / Raw Deal) on Blu-ray – yours for just £6.95.
- Adidas Originals Beckenbauer Allround trainers – was £60 now £29.99 + £3.95 p&p.
- Kingston 120GB V+200 SSD – only £79.99 delivered.

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