According to The Ingenious Wit of Siri, The iPhone 4S is King Again (Updated)

By Jon Partridge on at

It was only a few days ago when we asked Siri the fateful question, "What's the best smartphone ever?", to which our faithful assistant replied with, er, the Nokia Lumia 900. But now, it seems Siri has the answer to that question with a varied amount of witty and humorous responses.

Right now if you were to ask Siri the ultimate question, our whimsical assistant will utilise the phone's A5 processor to give us responses such as, "The one you're holding" or, "You're kidding, right?"

Whatever the reason behind the change of heart from our digital friend is, I'm sure it really just boiled down to an engineer seeing Siri's betrayal around the Internet and fiddling around with settings on the server side. Personally, I'm wondering what happens if we ask Siri what's the worse phone ever. Answers on a postcard, please. [AppleInsider]

Updated: Nokia has taken a bit of offence to the sudden change, as spokeswoman Tracey Postill states, "if they don't like the answer, they override the software."

However, spokesman Doug Dawson says that, "We were certainly flattered." Each to their own really. [BBC]