Adorable Suitcase-Sized Rube Goldberg Machine Doesn't Skimp On the Complexity

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Rube Goldberg machines are getting a little long in the tooth. OK Go may have made them popular again with their video for This Too Shall Pass, but since then it's been like a cold arms race to build the biggest and best.


But this miniature version of the Melvin Machine that's designed to easily travel inside a pair of retro suitcases is a breath of fresh air. Created by Dutch directors HeyHeyHey (Elske van der Putten and Erik Sjouerman) even though the mechanisms have all been shrunk so they're carry-on friendly, the machine is still remarkably complex. The first suitcase even manages to automatically open the second while doing its thing, with the ultimate goal of the machine being to place a stamp on a postcard to commemorate its travels around the world. It is built into luggage after all. [Amsterdam Ad Blog via Notcot]