An English Breakfast Will Go Straight To Your Hips in Three Hours or Less

By Jon Partridge on at

Fancy a full English breakfast? Think again, as the fat content will pretty much go straight to your tummy in no time at all.

Researchers from Oxford University have found that instead of fat being put on over a gradual amount of time, it can in actual fact only be a matter of hours after eating an average meal before the added weight goes around your waist. And for those who crave a fry-up in the morning, it can be a lot more worse as the process is more efficient early on in the day.

Obesity expert Professor Fredrik Karpe and his team made the discovery by asking volunteers to eat a bunch of different fatty foods that contain carbon isotopes which are traceable. The fat was then tracked from the gut, and to their surprise, they found that the first fat from a meal entered the bloodstream about an hour after it was eaten.

After three to four hours, most of the fat had been incorporated into the adipose tissue, mostly in the short-term fat stores which are around our waists. Fat around the waist is generally only used for short-term storage and can be burned off when needed, but when people continue to eat in excess, the same fat is then moved to more long-term stores around the hips, thighs and behind.

Maybe it's time to think twice before having that delicious fry-up and stick to something a bit healthier. Or maybe just some Weetabix or Coco Pops in the morning? Oh who are we kidding -- just staring at that image above is making both Kat and I crave a full English. [Metro]

Image Credit: Full English Breakfast Close-up via Shutterstock