Android Will Remain Free and "Open" For at Least Five More Years For All Your Crappy Android Tablet Needs

By Sam Gibbs on at

Google's finally been given the go-ahead from the Chinese authorities for its £8 billion absorption of Motorola, marking the last hurdle to Googlerola crossed. Speculation is rife over what Google will actually do with Motorola -- perhaps yet more nuclear patent war, or even its own expanded phone line. Whatever happens, rest assured Android will remain free and open for all for at least five years, so your no-name, cheap and crappy Android tablets will still be there for you.

This specific condition of the merger, as enforced by China, does mean that Google's tied into keeping the current status quo going for a while longer. I doubt the likes of Samsung, HTC and LG will be too pleased if Google decides to spin Motorola into its own phone brand though, but Google might end up using it for its select Nexus phone line, maybe even a Nexus tablet. Then again Google might just sell off Motorola's hardware business entirely.

Free and open Android does enable things like the Raspberry Pi to run Android and custom ROMs like CyanogenMod to thrive, so I guess we can thank the Chinese for that. I'm more interested to see how this all plays out -- if Google makes a couple of wrong moves we could see a load more Windows Phone handsets pop up as manufacturers desert Android. [Reuters]

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